Food comes from nature. The beginnings of medicine do too. Ancient cultures developed an inherent connection to both nature and food. They revealed, in their way of eating and cooking, wisdom that has been passed down throughout generations. We do not see that connection in our Western diets. So our name is not coincidental. It’s a declaration of principles and intent. We believe eating is a manifestation of our relationship to Nature.

Join Us. We have a rewarding road to health, gastronomic pleasure and happiness to travel together.

Inspired by a connection to the land and farmers of the Andes, and by Italian values of life, pleasure and family associated with food, we created PIENO (Italian for full).

A pasta made from green bananas? Yes.

We are not afraid of being disruptive. We hold ourselves to high standards. And we are not alone. We work with farmers, nutritionists, food scientists and chefs, to offer original food products from sustainable sources that are full of nutrition, gusto and taste.


We believe in food as a continuous growth process

Otmaro and Oscar
Founders of Nature to Culture
  • Resist mindless eating
  • Relearn our relationship to food
  • Restore essential nutrients
  • Renew our zest